In the newborn days my baby needed to stay close to us pretty much all the time. After all, it’s scary coming out into the big wide world after being cocooned and protected inside the womb, and it’s only natural that he’d need that extra security now more than ever. Of course, as much as I would’ve loved to have sat and cuddled him all day long, it became near impossible to get anything done (even eating). So I invested in a sling.

My baby was born in mid-June 2018 and it was very hot, so I wanted a breathable fabric sling that was suitable for newborns. My sling of choice was the Close Caboo Lite Carrier. This has been described as having “less fabric for a lighter, cooler carrying experience” which was exactly what I was looking for.

It’s suitable from birth to 15kg and has 4 different carrying positions (including feeding position and forward facing). It’s also claimed that my baby is held in the best position for developing his spine and hips i.e. frog-legged.

I initially felt quite nervous using this sling with my newborn baby because I didn’t want to use it incorrectly, or make him uncomfortable in any way. But after watching a demonstration video on YouTube I decided to give it a try. I recommend doing a few practice runs with a soft teddy to begin with, as it can be a bit fiddly if you’ve not had any experience with slings before. After using it a few times though, I felt a lot more confident and it became very easy to put on.

The straps are easily adjustable and the sling is very comfortable to wear. It has wide straps which helps to distribute my baby’s weight evenly, and the chunky cross panel at the back reduces the strain on my back and shoulders. The fabric is also really lovely and soft, and it’s lightweight and breathable. Overall, I was really happy with the quality and design of this sling and felt as though my baby was well supported.

Author: Mummy Owl

An honest mum review site featuring thoughtful and unbiased reviews of mummy and baby products.

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