There’s a reason why the Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Support has won so much praise amongst the mummy community. It’s a simple yet cleverly designed product. My baby loves bath time and he is comfortable, safe and well supported on the soft mesh material. It’s also hygienic, very easy to clean and dries super quickly.

The water level indicator is also useful so you don’t fill the bath up too high. But the reason I love this bath so much is because it allows me to have both hands completely free, and easily reach for bath products whilst I bathe my baby. I also think it’s great that the water drains through the mesh material (as compared to a traditional sit in baby bath) because this aids a more thorough clean. 

This bath is, however, designed to sit in the bath tub so if you have any back issues, you might want to look into bath options that allow you to stand, especially in the first few weeks after birth. Also, now that my baby is 6 months old and almost sitting up unaided, he is beginning to outgrow this bath so I think it’s time to upgrade and buy him a bath seat.

Tip: The Munchkin soft rim rinser is great for rinsing my baby clean. It has an easy grip handle and large water capacity. The soft rim ensures I won’t accidentally hurt my baby’s head while rinsing his hair, and it can be gently pressed against his forehead whilst pouring to prevent soap and water from getting into his eyes. 

Author: Mummy Owl

An honest mum review site featuring thoughtful and unbiased reviews of mummy and baby products.

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