Changing Bag

When it comes to changing bags you are really spoilt for choice. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours, and have lately even become somewhat of a trendy fashion statement. New brands appear to be popping up every day claiming to revolutionise the humble utility bag. Whilst I’m all for choice, it can be confusing and prolong the process of trying to tick things off your baby checklist.

The first thing you should do to narrow down your options is decide what type of bag you want, for example, shoulder/across the body bag or backpack. The backpack style seems to be very popular these days because they’re compact and you can have both hands completely free. I personally prefer shoulder/across the body bags because rucksack straps always seem to slide off my shoulders (probably because I have a poor posture), no matter how much I adjust them. The backpack versions also appear to be on the smaller side.

Initially, I was just looking for something functional, practical, and that had plenty of space and compartments for nappies, clothes and bottles etc. But then I came across the PacaPod Mirano Baby Changing Bag (Pewter) which offers so much more.

This changing bag is very stylish and is made from hardwearing natural materials (that can be wiped clean) and vegan leather trims. It’s also unisex so looks great no matter who’s wearing it. More importantly though, it’s packed with tons of useful features and goodies.

It includes all of the following: removable changer pod and insulated feeding pod, travel changing mat, insulated bottle cover, pram attachment hooks (for the pods), inside zip pocket with two dividing pockets for your mobile phone, a fob to attach your keys to, and an outside pocket for bits you need to reach quickly. 

The only small design flaw I found was that the space inside becomes quite limited when you include the two pods. If you remove them, however, there is plenty of room. I don’t think this is a huge problem though because there is still enough room for other items even if you include the pods, especially if you’re just going on a day trip. Also, if you’re using the pram or car you can take the pods separately (and attach them to your pram using the attachment clips). I literally take this bag along with me everywhere and also used it as an extra hospital bag (for my baby’s things).

Author: Mummy Owl

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