Whilst there are more intuitive ways of checking whether the temperature is right for your baby, for example, elbow test in the bath water, touching your baby’s tummy or back etc., as a first time mum, I needed more accuracy than that! Here is a rundown of my favourite room, bath and baby thermometers:

Best Room Thermometer – Gro Egg Room Thermometer

Pros – doubles as a night light, accurate readings, changes colour to warn you if the room is too hot or cold.

You can also buy a cute animal character Gro Egg Shell that slots on top of the Gro Egg, to make it more fun and attractive for children. 

Cons – needs to always stay plugged in.

Best Bath Thermometer – Mothermed Baby Bath Thermometer

Pros – accurate readings, fun bright green fish design, doubles as a bath toy, flashes a red LED warning light if it’s too hot. The word “cold” will also appear on the screen if the water temperature is too cold. It can be used outside the bath as a room thermometer.

Cons – None

Best Underarm Baby Thermometer – Braun Age Precision Stick Digital Thermometer

Pros – quick and reliable readings, easy to use and excellent value. It’s suitable for all the family and you can set the age range of your child. There is a backlight colour coded display which alerts you if the temperature is high, and an alarm beeps if your child has a fever. It also remembers the last temperature reading.

Cons – None

Author: Mummy Owl

An honest mum review site featuring thoughtful and unbiased reviews of mummy and baby products.

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