Activity Gym and Playmat

Tiny Love activity gyms are great. They provide lots of stimulation for my baby, whilst also encouraging him to develop his fine and gross motor skills. There are lots of fun themes to choose from too. I chose the The Tiny Love Meadow Days Dynamic Gymini Activity Gym because of its lovely design and all the great features it had to offer.

It has adjustable moving arches, and a battery operated removable bird toy that lights up and plays music. This also has a recording button so you can playback sounds (although we don’t really use this function very much).

Our favourite features are the removable hanging toys, and the activities on the playmat itself such as the mirror (which is great for tummy time), crinkly tree flap and carrot teether. This playmat also comes with a cute bunny themed tummy time pillow that has long crinkly ears (my baby used to love playing with these and chewing on them during tummy time).

The Tiny Love Meadow Days Dynamic Gymini Activity Gym is a great first playmat and we used it solely for about three months. After that we moved on to a bigger mat, and used this one as a spare mat instead.

As my baby grew bigger and started to roll, he needed a larger mat to play on. I was given the Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Mat as a gift from my sister. This was perfect because it matched his activity gym, and he was already familiar with the characters. This mat is the ideal size for when your baby starts to explore and become more adventurous. My baby will happily play on it for ages, along with his other toys.

It’s a large mat by itself rather than an activity gym and has the following features: mirror in the shape of the sun, crinkly tree flap, carrot teether, a ring for attaching an extra toy, soft textured cloud, large orange button, crinkly fox tail, corduroy pocket and small satin ribbons.

All of these features offer a fantastic sensory and interactive experience for my baby, and keep him entertained. Another big plus is that the mat is machine washable and although it’s big, I can fold it into a compact size and transport it easily in the handy carry case that came along with it.

Author: Mummy Owl

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