When it came to deciding on a bouncer I was torn between the self-rocking, musical, battery operated models, and the more simplistic, stripped back, does what it says on the tin version. In the end, after hearing all the buzz about the BabyBjörn Balance Soft, I decided to give it a try. For what it is (a natural rocking bouncer with no bells or whistles), I did wonder if the price tag was justified. But then once we started using it, I quickly began to appreciate why it’s so popular.

BabyBjörn describe this product as an “ergonomic baby bouncer with natural rocking”. It has three different positions for play, rest and sleep and is manually rocked by either me or my baby. Learning how to rock himself is good for my baby’s physical development, as this helps to train and develop his balance and motor skills.

This bouncer provides good back, neck and head support and the fitted fabric seat distributes my baby’s weight evenly (this is especially important for young babies). The cotton/jersey fabric is also very lovely, durable and soft.

When my baby was very little I only used the most reclined sleep position, and as he got bigger and more in control of his head and neck movements, I began using the more forward position (as shown in the picture). What I absolutely love about this bouncer, is that the cover is really easy to remove and clean. It just slips right off the frame and whenever we’ve had any accidents (i.e. explosive poos), it’s a real doddle to clean in the washing machine.

The bouncer can also be folded flat and is very lightweight to carry. But more importantly, my baby loves it! This bouncer is the only place other than being held where he is guaranteed to be content and settled (as long as he’s not hungry, or teething, or unwell – you get the picture). Happy baby equals happy mummy.

Tip: I bought the “flying friends” toy which attaches very easily to the bouncer. This keeps my baby entertained (more so in the earlier days), and also helps to develop his motor skills. It was wonderful to watch him develop from slowly attempting to bat and swipe aimlessly at the toy, to full blown bashing with intent.

Author: Mummy Owl

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