Cot Bed

I knew from the very start that I wanted to buy a cot bed rather than a standalone cot because it’s usually bigger in size and will inevitably last longer. Once my baby outgrows his cot, a cot bed can be converted into a toddler bed by removing one or both of the side rails. It should also help to make the transition from a cot to a bed easier for my little one when the time comes.

A standard size cot bed will generally accommodate a mattress size 70 x 140cm. There are some brands (for example, Mamas and Papas and Boori) where the cot bed size may vary and therefore your mattress options could be more limited (i.e to the same manufacturer). I chose to buy a standard size cot bed because I wanted to be able to choose from the widest range of mattresses available.

In terms of the cot bed criteria, it was important to me for it to be well built, sturdy, and meet the relevant safety standards. I also wanted something that would look nice in my baby’s nursery. In comes Dutch brand Kidsmill. Kidsmill state on their website:

“The entire collection meets European safety standards and our designs put the safety of your child first. Kidsmill furniture is free form any protruding or sharp edges. No hazardous paints or finishes are used that could affect the health of your child”.


I was pretty much sold after this as safety is paramount, above and beyond all other criteria.

I went for the Kidsmill Marseille Cot Bed because of its traditional, classic, and timeless look. However, Kidsmill have a range of other lovely styles and designs to choose from, in case you want to go for a more modern look.

The Marseille Cot Bed has 2 adjustable mattress base height positions (this can really save your back), and once my baby is able to sit and pull himself up, I can lower the base to prevent him from climbing out. What’s also great about Kidsmill is that they deliver and assemble the cot bed for you, so that was thankfully one less job for us to worry about.

Tip: I purchased the Tiny Love Meadow Days Soothe and Groove Mobile. It slowly rotates whilst playing different musical tunes and also has a night light. My baby was entranced with this mobile for the first few months, which was great when I needed that extra little lie-in, to brush my teeth or quickly jump in the shower.

Author: Mummy Owl

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