Weaning (Part II)

So now that it had been decided when and how I was going to wean my baby (see my previous blog post Weaning (Part I)), it was time to buy all of the essential weaning items! With so much choice out there, I’ve listed below my favourite tried and tested weaning gear:


The BabyBjorn Highchair does not come cheap, but it’s a fantastic product that’s been thoughtfully designed with safety, ease of use, practicality and comfort in mind. It’s suitable from approximately 6 months to 3 years.

It hardly takes up any space when folded flat, is easy to set-up, and extremely easy to clean. Before we embarked on our weaning journey, I never fully appreciated just how messy it would get. This highchair can be wiped down and cleaned in seconds because there’s no fabric or nooks and crannies for food to fall into. The tray is also detachable and dishwasher safe.

The lockable table and 3-point harness at the waist also keeps my baby safely and securely in place, and in an upright position – it’s impossible for him to slouch down (which does happen in the conventional highchair we keep at the grandparents house). Luckily, it doesn’t require a shoulder harness so my baby can’t try to escape, like he does in the pushchair.

Weaning Floor Mat

Some of my baby’s food will inevitably end up on the floor, so I bought the Zicac Washable Splat Mat / Tablecloth / Highchair Floor Protector. This is anti-slip and stays securely in place on my wooden floors. It’s also water-proof, generously sized and comes in lots of cute designs. And because it’s multi-purpose, it can be used as a tablecloth or mess mat when my baby is older.

Plates, Bowls and Spoons

Munchkin White Hot Plates, Bowls and Spoons are fantastic. The coloured strips on the plates and bowls, and tip of the spoons will turn white if my baby’s food is too hot. They are also bright and colourful, and stackable for easy storage.


I find that steaming is the best way to cook my baby’s vegetables, in order to preserve as many of the nutrients as possible. Eaziglide Neverstick2 Pot 3-Tier Steamer Set is a great steamer and kitchen staple in our house. The non-stick base is constructed from highly durable, toughened aluminium, and it includes two high quality stainless steel steamer inserts, and a glass lid.

Hand Blender

The Braun MQ523 MultiQuick 5 Baby Food Hand Blender is perfect for puréeing my baby’s food to the right texture. It has a 600W motor, 2 speed options and powerful stainless steel blades, which cuts both vertically and horizontally. It also has an anti-splash design so the food doesn’t splatter everywhere.

One of the things I love about this blender is that it comes with lots of useful extras, which helped me quickly get started with weaning my baby. It includes a 350ml chopper, a silicon freezer tray with 9 individual pots, a 600ml beaker with lid, and a spatula.

Baby Feeding Bibs

After trying out a few different bibs, our favourite is the neoprene Sleeved UltraBibs from Bibetta. These bibs offer all-over protection and include the following features: waterproof sleeves with elasticated cuffs, highly absorbent neoprene (wetsuit material) body, an adjustable velcro fastening at the back of the neck (which means that the bib stays securely on), and a fold out pocket ready to catch any food that drops.

The material feels nice and durable, and there are also lots of fun designs to choose from. We have two – one with cars and the other has a fox print.

The Bibetta UltraBibs are also great and really absorbent if you prefer to have a bib without sleeves.


The Joesph Joseph Multi-Peel Y-Shaped Peeler is simple and very effective. It has a high quality stainless steel blade, that makes peeling effortless and an easy-grip handle. It also doesn’t peel too thickly, which means that the skin is removed whilst everything else stays in tact. It even has a serrated edge for soft skinned fruit or vegetables.


The John Lewis & Partners Sieve, 20cm is strong, robust and easy to clean. This is perfect for straining fruit, catching pips and removing tough skins.

Food Masher

I use the Annabel Karmel by Nuk Baby Food Masher and Bowl for mashing up my baby’s food. It’s compact in size and makes mashing quick, easy and convenient. The ridges inside the bowl help to mash the food more finely. It’s also really easy to clean and perfect for mashing things like cooked vegetables, banana and avocado. It’s a little bit on the small side though, so I can only get one portion out of it.

Freezer Storage

At the moment, I am preparing all of my baby’s food fresh because he has just started weaning and is only eating a tiny amount. However, once weaning has been established and he is having three meals a day, I intend to batch cook and freeze some of his meals.

I bought the OXO Tot Baby Food Freezer Tray because this is great for freezing small portions of food in the early stages of weaning, when my baby will only be eating a couple of teaspoons.

I have also bought the Philips AVENT Baby Food Storage Cups because these have a range of different sized storage pots, that are designed to grow with my baby as his appetite grows. They are also compact, have leak-proof twist-on lids, and write-on cups and lids, so I can easily remember what I made and when.

Beakers and Cups

My baby hasn’t started using beakers and cups just yet, but I have bought a variety because I don’t know which ones he will take to! Here is a list of the ones I’ve bought:

Munchkin Miracle 360 Degrees Deco Trainer Cup, 6 oz/177 ml, Blue Whale

Munchkin Click Lock Chew Proof Trainer Cup, Blue/Green, 8 oz/237 ml

Munchkin Miracle 360 Degree Trainer Cup, 7 oz/207 ml, Blue

Vital Baby Kidisipper Tubby Cup

Doidy Cup

I’ll keep you updated as to which beakers and cups my baby likes best, once we start using them.

Author: Mummy Owl

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