Baby Monitor

With so many types of baby monitors out there, each one boasting different features – audio, video, movement sensor, wifi enabled, and the ability to connect to a smart device (to name just a few), it can leave you feeling quite baffled, especially, if you’re a technophobe like me. So it took quite a bit of time to familiarise myself with the pros and cons of all the various features, before I could make a final decision.

I was initially really impressed with the concept of having an under-the-mattress motion sensor pad, that would alert me if there has been no movement from my baby (after around 20 seconds). However, I wasn’t too keen on having a cable (that’s attached to the sensor pad) protruding out from under the mattress, albeit it should be hidden and tucked away. Also, as a first time paranoid mum I was pretty much watching my baby like a hawk most of the time anyway, so I decided not to go for a motion baby monitor.

That said, monitors with movement sensors are particularly useful for babies with medical conditions, or who were born prematurely, especially monitors that track the breathing and heart rate of sleeping babies. Also, if you’re worried about cables or cords, there are some baby monitors that come with wireless sensor pads, although these are usually more expensive.

I knew I didn’t want my monitor to connect to the internet because of potential hacking and privacy issues. I could also live without a connection to my smart phone as the main benefit of this, in my view, is to see your baby when you’re away from home, otherwise the parent unit will suffice.

Now that I had narrowed down my options, I decided to buy the BT Video Baby Monitor 6000. This is an audio and video monitor with a 5″ colour LCD display. The range is great (we live in a three bedroom detached house) and it has excellent night vision. It also displays the room temperature which is reliable and always corresponds with our Gro Egg Room Thermometer. The camera needs to stay plugged in at all times, but the parent unit is portable and has a good battery life – we charge it every other day.

One of the things that I really like about this monitor is the remote pan, tilt and zoom function, which allows me to adjust the camera whilst I’m not in the room via the parent unit. But most importantly, the sound and picture quality is fantastic (both day and night) and it’s very easy and intuitive to use.

It even has a handy talkback feature and includes 5 lullabies, but this feature is not necessary in my opinion because the sound quality of the music is not great. This doesn’t really bother us though because we already have a musical cot mobile, and it doesn’t detract from the overall excellent quality of this baby monitor.

Author: Mummy Owl

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