Books for Babies

Studies have shown that boys lag behind girls when it comes to literacy. I remember hearing this when I was at school, and whilst the gap appears to be narrowing, it looks like girls are still outperforming their male classmates when it comes to reading. I love reading and I wanted to introduce books to my son at an early age.

Luckily (and I’m fully aware that he’s only 7 months old and pretty much at the behest of any entertainment we provide), he loves them too! Especially, books that include interactive features such as different textures to touch and feel, lift the flap books, and noisy books. He also loves looking at the pictures and when we make exaggerated sounds, or animated voices for the characters.

Here is a list of some wonderful books that we love reading together:

Touch and Feel Books

Slider and Pull-out Books

Lift-the-flap Books

Noisy Books


Books for Toddlers

We also bought the following books which are great but they’re longer and wordier, and more suitable for toddlers and pre-schoolers in my opinion. So we’ll just have to eagerly wait before we can start reading these.

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