Baby Skincare and Grooming

Baby skin is extremely delicate so I knew from the outset that I wanted to avoid any products that contained harsh chemicals, preservatives, and synthetic fragrances which could irritate my baby’s skin. Instead, I sought to find something that was as mild and natural as possible.

Like our own skin, every baby’s skin is different and will have its own specific needs. My baby has normal to dry skin and does not have eczema or any other skin conditions, in which case I would consult a doctor or medical professional.

Based on the advice of the NHS, I also avoided using any products at all for at least the first month after my baby was born. According to the NHS, the top layer of a baby’s skin is very thin and easily damaged after birth, and it needs time to develop its own natural protective barrier. So as long as there isn’t a medical reason, the less intervention the better.

When we eventually did start to use bath and skincare products on our baby, there were a few that definitely stood out head and shoulders above the rest. I’ve listed below some of our favourite tried and tested brands.

Shampoo and Body Wash

The Weleda Baby Calendula skincare range is made from completely natural ingredients, and has a delicious subtle fragrance (except for the oil which is fragrance free) that enhances my baby’s own scrumptious scent.

”Our 100% certified natural baby ranges are comprehensively designed to work with all types of babies’ skin from normal through to hypersensitive. Each product has been researched by our team of midwives and pharmacists to help support the development of healthy skin. Babies’ skin is five times thinner than adult skin and frequently changes according to the environment, developmental stage and health. Sometimes skin will need extra support due to teething, dribbling and exposure to cold or the skin may become irritated through allergies, which are hereditary, or because of environmental stress. A gentle skincare routine can help support your baby’s skin through these changes, helping to harmonise and protect the skin whilst allowing it to regulate itself.

For the small percentage of eczema-prone babies, or those with severe allergies please follow the advice of a medical professional.”


Weleda Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash lathers well, is gentle on my baby’s skin, and leaves it feeling soft and nourished after every bath. It doesn’t irritate or make his skin dry, and is mild and gentle enough for newborns.

Baby Oil

I was really impressed with Weleda’s Calendula Baby Oil. It’s fragrance free and contains only two organic natural ingredients (sesame oil and calendula extract). I use it to massage my baby before bath time and also for any dry patches on his skin, which he tends to get in colder weather. This baby oil is a winner for us because it’s moisturising, not too greasy, and absorbs really well.

Baby Moisturiser

You will no doubt already have heard about the multi award-winning brand Childs Farm. Their range seems to get bigger all the time and I often see it prominently placed on the shelves, whenever I’m out shopping for my baby’s bath products. I’ve heard lots of parents rave about the Childs Farm moisturiser in particular, so naturally this was in my shopping basket. I now get what all the fuss is about as this product has become a firm household favourite!

Childs Farm Baby Moisturiser is made up of naturally derived ingredients and essential oils. It also has a lovely fresh, clean smell, and after continuous use it helped to clear up any dry patches on my baby’s skin. It’s a great all-round gentle moisturiser, which I love to use not just on my baby’s skin but mine too.

Nappy Rash Cream

To avoid nappy rash, it’s really important to give your baby plenty of nappy free time, and change dirty nappies frequently. I also apply a thin layer of Weleda Nappy Change Cream during each nappy change. It’s a very rich formula which smells lovely, and contains lanolin and zinc oxide to form a protective barrier. It also contains almond oil and organic calendula and chamomile extracts to help nourish and moisturise the skin.

I found that with regular use, this cream really helps to prevent my baby from getting nappy rash. However, whilst it’s good for prevention it’s not necessarily as effective at treating little sore red bums. Luckily, my baby has never really had severe nappy rash, but on the rare occasions he has had some redness and irritation, I found that Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment and Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream work a treat.

Baby Cotton Pads

Call me crazy but seven months on, and I still clean my baby’s bottom with cotton pads and water during each nappy change. I know this method is not as quick or convenient as using baby wipes, but I find it’s kinder on my baby’s skin and really helps to prevent nappy rash and soreness. Of course, we do resort to using Water Wipes when we’re out and about or travelling.

I stocked up on tons of Johnson’s Baby Cotton Pads before my baby was born, and have them on repeat order through Amazon’s subscribe and save option. We used these to top and tail our baby for the first few weeks after he was born, and still use them now for nappy changes and general top up cleaning in between baths. I’m a fan of Johnson’s Baby Cotton Pads because they are really soft and strong, and also the perfect size (not too big or small). Whichever brand you choose, cotton pads are a must-have for any new parent. We certainly couldn’t do without them.

Hair Brush

My baby was born with a full head of hair. He also had mild cradle cap when he was a newborn, so I would religiously brush his hair after every bath. The Boots Baby Brush and Comb Set is great. I don’t often use the comb but the brush is perfect – it has an easy grip handle, and soft bristles that are very gentle on my baby’s delicate scalp.

Nail Clippers

I could never really get the hang of using baby nail scissors and prefer to use nail clippers instead. The clippers included in the Boots Baby Nail Clipper and Scissors Set does the job nicely. The nail clipper is not too sharp so I have to press it quite firmly to cut my baby’s nails. I don’t mind this though as I’d rather not have anything too razor sharp, given how much of a challenging task it can be clipping a wriggly baby’s nails.

The nail files are also handy and the perfect size for filing down little nails. As a word of warning though and I speak from experience, this set is really small and very easy to lose (I have lost the nail clippers on countless occasions), so I would store them away safely after each use.

Author: Mummy Owl

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