Toys for Babies Under 6 Months

As with most baby products, there is an infinite amount of choice when it comes to toys. Truthfully speaking, my baby wasn’t really that interested in playing with toys when he was very little because he was still developing his hand-eye coordination, and more concerned with feeding and sleeping. Having said that, he did enjoy staring at the toys and they provided important stimulation for my baby’s senses, as well as, encouraging the development of his motor skills.

To help narrow down some of the options, I’ve listed below the toys my baby was most interested in exploring when he was under 6 months old.

petit collage bunny organic chime ball 

This beautiful soft toy is made from 100% organic cotton and makes a lovely chime noise when gently shaken. It has lovely eye-catching colours including, red and yellow, and soft long crinkly ears that have black and white patterns on them.

This toy is perfect to hold and shake in front of a newborn baby because of it’s eco-friendly materials and stimulating colours. Your baby’s vision is not fully developed in the early days, so high contrast colours such as black, white and red are great at stimulating their visual development, and helping them to distinguish between shapes and patterns. Suitable from birth.

Bright Starts Hide and Peek Multi-Activity Block Toy 

The Bright Starts Hide and Peek soft block toy makes a fun chime sound when shaken and provides a multi-sensory experience, encouraging your baby to discover and explore. Each side features a different brightly coloured jungle animal that keeps my baby engaged. When we play with this toy together, I use the crinkly ears and leaves to do peek-a-boo play which never fails to bring a smile to his face. This toy also includes a baby-safe mirror for self-discovery and a banana teether. Recommended for ages 3 months+.

Bright Starts Explore and Cuddle Elephant Toy

This endearing toy features lots of different fun activities. It chimes when shaken and includes a mirror, transparent rattle ball, crinkly ear flap and clacking teething rings. This toy is really soft and has lots of lovely colours and patterns. The segmented handle design also makes it easy for my baby to grasp and helps to improve his dexterity. Recommended for ages 3 months+.

Lamaze Freddie the Firefly

This is a fantastic take along toy that has a clip which I can hook onto the pushchair (or anything else), to keep my baby entertained on the go. It’s fun and interactive features provide lots of stimulation for my baby. It includes a peek-a-boo mirror, squeaker, clinking rings, ladybug teether, crinkly sounds and multiple textures. It also has attractive bright colours and high-contrast black and white patterns on the back of its wings. Suitable from birth.

Soft Books

Soft books are a great way to safely introduce books to your baby and develop their fine motor skills, as they learn to touch, feel and explore the pages. We love the ones that make crinkly noises, have different textures and bright colours. Here are some of our favourite soft books which are all suitable from birth:

Jellycat My Jungle Book

Jellycat Jungly Tails Book

Buddy Bee and Friends Activity Book

Halilit Shake, Jingle and Roll Musical Set

This fun musical set is a great way to introduce your baby to music, learn about cause and effect, and help improve their dexterity. This set includes three brightly coloured musical shapes that shake, jingle and roll. Each instrument has a textured handle that’s easy for my little one to grasp, and encourages visual and aural development. Suitable from 3 months+.

Jellycat Jungly Tails Boing Ball Soft Toy

This bright and colourful bouncy ball features cute animals, and makes a fun “boing” sound when bounced. It’s guaranteed to make my little one chuckle and squeal with excitement! It’s also very soft and small enough for my baby to grab. Suitable from birth.


We’ve trialled quite a few teethers but most of them were either too big, or awkwardly shaped for my baby to properly grasp and keep hold of. The Mini Matchstick Monkey Teether is the only one that has proven to be a success. It’s perfect for younger babies who are in the early stages of developing their fine motor skills.

My baby finds this teether really easy to grip and aim into his mouth. The different textures help to soothe his sore gums, and he loves looking at the friendly face. This teether is also anti-microbial (which means it’s more hygienic), it feels soft and durable, and it’s made from non-toxic, environmentally friendly silicone.


My baby’s favourite soother is the Jellycat Bredita Duck Soother Soft Toy. The contrast blue and white stripes, and bright orange beak caught his attention from an early age. He really has become quite attached to it and is rarely ever without it! It’s also luxuriously soft to touch and feel.

Author: Mummy Owl

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