Storage for Baby Toys and Books

My baby’s toy collection is slowly but surely growing. We are currently at that stage where our house is not looking like Hamleys just yet, but we could benefit from having some storage options to tidy away the toys when needed. The same can be said for his book collection, although this appears to be growing much more quickly and is beginning to take up space on our bookshelves.

I’m sure we will need to find more storage solutions as our baby grows and accumulates more things. For right now though, the following few items accommodate most of our storage needs, and also add some lovely character to my baby’s play area.

Storage Bench

The Abbeville Storage Bench (Cloud Grey) from Great Little Trading Co is a charming little storage bench that would look great in a nursery, or any other room (we have it in an open play area next to our lounge). It has a modern and contemporary look but is also very sturdy and well made. I love the grey star cushion seat which adds a really nice finishing touch. To complete the look, we also bought the Canvas Storage Cube (Zigzag) and two Rope Storage Baskets (Grey).

GLTC is an award winning retailer that also sells lots of lovely toys designed to encourage imaginative and interactive play. They have lots of other storage options to choose from depending on how much storage space you need, so it’s definitely worth browsing online and having a look.

Sling Bookcase

The Sling Bookcase (Zigzag) from GLTC is a lovely little addition to my baby’s furniture collection. It can store a surprisingly large number of books and the quality is amazing. The cotton canvas sling also matches the zigzag print on the canvas storage cube that we bought for the storage bench, so they compliment each other really well.

Again, there are more book slings and bookcases available if you look on GLTC’s website. It’s really just a matter of finding the right one to suit you and your home.

Author: Mummy Owl

An honest mum review site featuring thoughtful and unbiased reviews of mummy and baby products.

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